Kristy Byers
Physician Relation Manager

Kristy is the Director of the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit at Montclair Hospital in California, part of Prime Healthcare Services. Prior to this Kristy has been a nurse for over 26 years at Dignity Health in the acute care hospital setting ranging from intensive care to the ER.

When patients are released it is part of her job to educate patients about aftercare, go over their co-morbidities and what activities they can resume.   In addition to reviewing any medications at the time of discharge, providing info about a healthy diet, weight loss and the importance of incorporating exercise into the patient’s life was important.  She believes prevention is important and having patients participate in an exercise and wellness program are key to health and longevity.

Kristy is currently in her BSN Program for Nursing, University of Texas, Arlington which will be completed spring 2018, where she will then go on to her Master’s program.

She has been a consultant to Disaster Management System for, an international disaster preparedness organization, serving as an education provider for nurses and the community on disaster preparedness and response. During this time she was on the care team during the San Bernardino shooting in December 2015.

She has been an acute care hospital coordinator for Disaster Preparedness organizing drills and providing education to hospital staff.  She has worked in multiple with multiple cities, fire departments and the police to facilitate county-wide disaster drills.  She has been trained by FEMA as a leader in Hospital Emergency Response Teams (HERT) to set up hospitals in disaster zones.

Kristy founded Anicca’s Pantry in 2012, which serves the homeless human & strayed animal population in San Bernardino community.  They find homes for abandoned & stray animals & foster animals belonging to the homeless population while receiving medical care.