Greg Mack has 28 years of speaking experience, presenting for audience sizes ranging from 6 to 200. Greg has trained through Toastmasters and participated in many workshops on public speaking and presentation competencies. Greg brings an organized approach, but can easily present in an improvisational style, and enjoys audience interaction. 

Greg Mack is a gold-certified ACE Medical Exercise Specialist and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. He is the founder and CEO of the corporation Fitness Opportunities. Inc. dba as Physicians Fitness and Exercise Professional Education. He is also a founding partner in the Muscle System Consortia

Greg has operated out of chiropractic clinics, outpatient physical therapy clinics, a community hospital, large gyms and health clubs, as well operating private studios. His experience in working in such diverse venues enhanced his awareness of the wide gulf that exists between the medical community and fitness facilities, particularly for those individuals trying to recover from, and manage, a diagnosed disease. This led to the development of a comprehensive documentation and communication system that coordinates exercise and fitness programs for individuals with diagnosed diseases from the medical community, the core of Physicians Fitness operations. He developed the Muscle System Specialist™ Training Program and the Mobility Profiling Method of pre-exercise physical assessment.

Greg writes and presents on course topics including biomechanics, decision making, manual muscle testing, musculoskeletal anatomy, and physics (statics). Greg's presentation style tends to be more on the formal scientific side.

He's taught courses for several industry education companies on topics ranging from functional musculoskeletal anatomy, manual muscle testing, biomechanics, selling philosophy and methodology, physical assessment, decision-making, and science based methodologies in exercise assessment and data interpretation. He's written articles as well published in IDEA Personal Trainer Magazine, American Fitness Quarterly, Body Conditioning Magazine, IDEA Health and Fitness Source Magazine, and The American Journal of Medicine and Sports. Greg was chosen to be the IDEA International Personal Trainer of the Year in 2005.

Greg is a graduate of the US Navy's Nuclear Engineering Program with an emphasis in Mechanical Engineering, and was also a qualified US Navy Diver. He served on board a fast attack nuclear submarine - the USS Swordfish - as a member of the engineering department.


Conferences, Corporate, Community/Nonprofit, Hospital


Fitness Professionals, Allied Healthcare Professionals, Medical Professionals, Industry Leaders/Executives, Students, Community Members


  • Founder & CEO, Physicians Fitness
  • Founder & CEO, Exercise Professional Education
  • Co-Founder and Partner, Muscle System Consortia LLC


  • Active Aging
  • Muscle Skeletal System
  • Bio-Motor Control


  • Personal Trainer (ACE)
  • Gold-certified Medical Exercise Specialist (ACE) 
  • Resistance Training Specialist Mastery (RTS, LLC)


  • IDEA International Personal Trainer of the Year Award, 2006