Press Releases

(11/10/2017) PTA Global/PTontheNet announces collaboration with the Medical Fitness Education Foundation. Read press release »

(09/18/2017) Medical Fitness Education Foundation, Fitness Event Strategy Team, and Personal Fitness Professional Magazine Partner to launch a nationwide Medical Fitness Tour. Read press release »

Recent Media

MFN Founder Launches Medical Fitness Education Foundation | California Clubs of Distinction News (IRHSA), 4th Quarter Edition, 2017

Lisa founded the Medical Fitness Education Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, to elevate the quality and amount of available education for fitness professionals. Read the Article ›› (PDF)

Lisa Dougherty, CEO Medical Fitness Education Foundation: Pioneering the Medical Fitness Marketplace | Never Too Late for Fitness Podcast with Phil Faris, October 2017

The projects Lisa is working on promise to be real game changers in the medical fitness arena. Listen ››

A Team Approach to Wellness | IDEA Fitness Journal, May 2017

Bridging the Gap: Lisa Dougherty thinks the expansion of “medical fitness” will be one of the most important and most positive changes in health care over the next few decades. Read the Article ›› (PDF)

Leading a Movement. Leaving a Legacy | PFP Magazine, Spring 2017

When Lisa Dougherty started in the fitness industry, she probably didn’t know that she would lead a movement that would make difference in the world, elevate her industry and directly impact the lives of thousands. Quite a journey to success that all started from a Lemonade stand. Read the Article ››

Scale Well Podcast: This is how a personal trainer can change health care | February 2017

Lisa Dougherty joins Phil Beene, co-founder of Nudge Coach, on his Scale Well podcast. Lisa discusses the power of exercise to prevent and heal, and the massive gap in fitness and wellness services that no one seems to want to fill. Listen Online ›› | Download on iTunes ››

Meet the CEO of the Medical Fitness Education Foundation | Exercise & Nutrition Works, July 2016

FitPro Industry Podcast host Lisa Crisalle interviews MFEF CEO and MFN founder Lisa Dougherty.

Listen to the podcast »

Why You Should Know About Medical Fitness and Lisa Dougherty | Riva Greenberg, Huffpost Healthy Living; February 2016

Lisa Dougherty was inspired by her father, a four-time cancer survivor, to leave her job on Wall Street and pursue a career in helping others. In her 30s, she went back to school and started her own medical fitness business. That was the beginning. Read the full article »