Mary Hoagland-Scher, MD, Dip ABLM, CPT is a board-certified family physician who practiced medicine for 30 years.

When she entered Harvard Medical School with a BA in psychology from Yale College, her goal was to help people stay healthy. As the focus of western medicine shifted away from health to disease management with a strong emphasis on pharmaceutical and or surgical intervention, she became uneasy with her role and decided to discard her prescription pad and learn new tools.

Having completed NASM CPT, CES, SFS, and many other courses in the fitness world, she’s taught anatomy, physiology and pathology to aspiring massage therapists and personal trainers. In 2020, she became board certified in Lifestyle Medicine.

She has joined the MedFit Network and MedFit Education Foundation Medical Advisory Board in hopes of helping to shrink the chasm between fitness and medicine.