Dr. Bruce Crawford, M.D., FPMRS, is Reno’s First Board Certified Urogynecologist. He is the Director of GYN Specialists of Reno. Dr. Crawford takes a unique approach to Pelvic Floor Health. His practice focuses on the assessment and treatment of pelvic floor disorders including Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Overactive Bladder and Urinary and Fecal Incontinence.

In 2008, he developed PFilates™, Pelvic Floor Pilates. This distinctive method of Pelvic Floor Conditioning uses 10 exercises were selected based on their ability to recruit the pelvic floor and complimentary muscles. PFilates™ is different from traditional Kegel exercises. This scientifically derived program uses movement to activate both the slow twitch and fast twitch muscles of the pelvic floor.

The VESy Lab™ is an exclusive tool that Dr. Crawford designed for evaluating the PFilates™ exercises. This video synchronized EMG system is able to provide important feedback to both the practitioner and client about the effectiveness and efficiency of muscle contractions. It helps to identify which exercises the clients are best suited to practice. This helps to increase compliance with a home exercise program ensuring that clients are seeing results. Using this tool, Dr. Crawford continues to provide ongoing research in the area of pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation. Clinical research from our program reveals a 74% improvement in lower urinary tract symptoms over the course of 4 weeks with very low attrition.

Urogynecologist Dr. Bruce Crawford’s vast experience as a surgeon, researcher, and instructor provides all patients access to the highest quality of care for pelvic floor disorders.

Dr. Crawford is leading the way with cutting edge, thoroughly researched, methods for management of pelvic floor disorders.