Peter Guzman has been a fitness professional for three decades, starting in martial arts. He opened his first school at 23 years old. His mission has always been to help educate clients and coaches about the benefits of proactively pursuing a healthy mind and body, especially the youth population.

He realized that fighting childhood obesity would help prevent many health and wellness problems. He participated in a study published by Marjorie Schecter on the benefits of structured fitness programs for children with ADD and ADHD.

Pete has eighty thousand hours of coaching and teaching experience coupled with the evidence-based certifications he’s earned. Pete brings a practical approach to coaching that focuses on placing the client’s results, enjoyment and experience first.

As a NASM Master Trainer, he works to educate coaches and gym owners nationwide. Since 2015, he has worked as a Master Trainer for UFC Gym, certifying their new coaches. UFC GYM is one of the only major worldwide fitness brands that includes a youth program. It is a diverse format that includes MMA and fitness programming.

Pete was also chosen to be a trainer in a program sponsored by the DEA. The program is designed to show that prevention and support works better than punishment and incarceration. The program would take at-risk youth ages 10-16 and put them in a structured fitness program (MMA) twice a week. The curriculum included MMA, nutrition and mindset to create self-efficacy, self-discipline and positivity.

Pete’s certifications include

  • NASM Master Trainer
  • CES
  • YES
  • PES
  • SGPT
  • TRX
  • 4th Degree Black Belt
  • CNC