Dr. Vince Catteruccia is a Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Expert and creator of the Living Free Pain Method. He is known for uncovering hidden sources of physical pain and producing lasting solutions for his patients — without medication or surgery. His natural approach to solving pain is guided by his unique combination of professional credentials including a PhD in Behavioral Health, a Master’s of Science in Kinesiotherapy, and a Master’s of Science in Human Performance. Dr. Vince is also a licensed neuromuscular therapist.

Dr. Vince offers a unique perspective as a musculoskeletal expert, derived from his multiple higher education degrees and other advanced learning credentials from prestigious American and European associations. With an encyclopedic knowledge of the intricacies of body movement, Vince has a gift for creating fast and effective treatment strategies and conditioning plans.

He’s learned from the best in the world, traveling the globe to uncover natural solutions to nagging pain including time in Prague at the renowned Motol Hospital of Rehabilitation and Manual Medicine. During his 30-year career, Dr. Vince is proud to have helped thousands of people end their battles with chronic pain.

Today, he lives in Arizona with his wife, Jennifer, and his son, Gabriel, where he works with patients worldwide virtually and in-person.