Rick has been in the fitness industry for 25+ years with vast experience from personal trainer to club leadership. After teaching and creating fitness curriculum for many years, Rick shifted his focus to the business of fitness, and helping fitness businesses build success.

After graduating college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science in NJ, Rick started his career in the fitness industry at a large chain in Southern California. While he enjoyed this role, he was quickly promoted to manager at the gym thanks to his business acumen and ability to help others succeed… not just his clients, but also his ability to guide other trainers to success.

Thanks to his keen ability to educate and simplify complex science and business concepts, Rick was hired by a research and development firm as a national educator where he traveled the country presenting their Certified Personal Trainer course to thousands of personal trainers. He soon after took over not only the curriculum development responsibilities, but got his first taste of a marketing initiative when the company went through a re-brand and Rick was brought in to assist with re-branding all of the educational content, and helped out with the marketing content as well.

Since that role, Rick has helped bring two wearable technologies to market and developed the educational content to assist trainers to appropriately utilize the devices to get client results.

Since achieving his MBA, Rick has started several business in the fitness space, including FitBiz Toolbox, a business educational resource for personal trainers, Wenner Productions and Marketing, SoulStrength Fit, to name a few.

Rick is a husband and father to 3 girls and their 4 cats, and spends a lot of his free time running in the trails (he is a former collegiate track athlete), or occasionally surfing (not that he is any good at it).