About Us

The MedFit Education Foundation (MFEF) works to elevate the quality and amount of available education for fitness and allied healthcare professionals. Through our MedFit entities, we are facilitating education and professional development for professionals to serve the nation’s growing healthcare need.

Why MedFit?

1 %

of the nation’s $2.7 trillion annual health care expenditures are for people with chronic disease and mental health conditions.

1 %

of the US population are Baby Boomers, holding 3/4 of its wealth.

1 %
of the US population is now over the age of 50. As this group ages, we are seeing a significant increase in obesity, chronic disease, and multiple medical conditions.

These individuals, once thought of as the exception, are now becoming the norm. They are seeking fitness and allied healthcare professionals who understand who they are and can help them maximize and preserve their quality of life. Regular physical activity and proper nutrition are accepted strategies to promote and preserve health by all national and international health organizations.

There is a huge opportunity for fitness and allied healthcare professionals to serve as pivotal players in our nation’s healthcare system.

Who Do We Reach?

Our primary learner base is fitness professionals and personal trainers, but professionals across the health & wellness continuum have found our education invaluable!



Dietitians / Nutritionists

Fitness Professionals

Health & Wellness Coaches

Massage Therapists

Mental Health Professionals

Physical Therapists

Naturopathic & Lifestyle Medicine Doctors

Students & Educators in these fields

Our Projects

The MFEF manages the following websites to achieve its mission of creating and facilitating education for professionals in medical fitness and active aging.

MedFit Tour
The MedFit Tour is a conference event with world class speakers, education and networking. For more info, visit medicalfitnesstour.org.

MedFit Classroom
MedFit Classroom is an online learning platform for fitness and allied healthcare professionals to purchase webinars, online courses, specialty certificate programs, and continuing education. For more info, visit medfitclassroom.org.

MedFit TV
MedFitTV.org offers a library of all past webinars and conference recordings produced by the Foundation. For more info, visit medfittv.org.

Speakers Bureau
Our Speakers Bureau represents the leading experts in the rapidly growing space of medical fitness, active aging, nutrition, wellness, prevention, rehabilitation and more. Your organization can request to book one of our speakers for your next event. These trailblazers are at the helm of the medical fitness movement to transform health and redefine healthcare.


The MedFit Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions support existing projects and the creation of new ones. Donations are fully tax-deductible.

To request information about the MedFit Education Foundation nonprofit status, exemption application or annual returns, please contact medfited@gmail.com